Book: Scrum and XP from the trenches

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I’ve been hearing a lot about Scrum and Agile development lately and several months ago I decided to take a short course on it to know what’s that all about and how you can make it work. One of the books that was highly recommended by the instructor of that course is this one: Scrum and XP from the trenches, by Henrik Kniberg.

Henrik Kniberg is currently a Lean and Agile coach at Spotify & Lego, and in 2007 he wrote this book explaining what were, at the moment, his experiences at implementing Scrum and XP in a software development company. In 2015, he wrote a second edition, which is basically the same text with some comments, providing even more experience to it, a bit like a director’s cut.

I have to say that, as a non-Scrum expert/user, I really enjoyed the book and learnt a lot about it, now looking forward to finding opportunities to use Scrum little by little in my everyday job and the teams we may work with in the future.

The book is completely practical, easy to read and follow, you won’t find long lists of rules to follow, you won’t be told what you are allowed to do or not, instead you’ll find the experiences gathered during a year of implementing Scrum and XP in a development team of about 40 people, you’ll get tips, different points of view over the same thing and you’ll be able lo learn from their experience and their mistakes too!

In conclusion, if you’ve heard about Scrum and want to learn the practical things about it or if you are already in a development team and want to implement the Scrum framework in it, this book is 100% recommended for you.

You can download a free PDF/eBook copy of the book here, or support the author by buying one printed copy of it, I got mine from Amazon.

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