How to make an AJAX call

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An AJAX call is possibly one of the simplest and most useful things you’ll find when using JQuery and wanting to load some remote data (i.e. from an API) into your page without having to reload it. It’s something amazingly simple an easy, yet equally useful. In this example we are gonna get some data from an API at, and print the name and surname of the user we get from it.


Book: Scrum and XP from the trenches

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I’ve been hearing a lot about Scrum and Agile development lately and several months ago I decided to take a short course on it to know what’s that all about and how you can make it work. One of the books that was highly recommended by the instructor of that course is this one: Scrum and XP from the trenches, by Henrik Kniberg. Henrik Kniberg is currently a Lean and Agile coach at Spotify & Lego, and in 2007 he wrote this book explaining what were, at the moment, his experiences at…read more

Ruby: Working with Arrays of Hashes

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Last Thursday 21st July we had Lightning talks at our Barcelona on Rails meetup, this was basically a meeting where some of us could just share anything that we thought it was interesting in the Ruby/Ruby  on Rails world. When I started developing with Ruby, one thing that I found quite interesting was the methods it has to work with a very particular way of structuring data: the arrays of hashes. This is quite handy when getting data (or delivering it) through an API or in any case you may want…read more


Hello world!

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Hello World! Welcome to my brand new blog! This is the first post, the one to get all this started really. I plan to pop by here every now and again and write about something that I might like or find interesting in the Software development world. Feel free to read and comment, enjoy!